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Two wounded hearts in hiding


The name’s Cougar.  Just Cougar.  One name is enough.” 

Behind the bravado is a complex man.  Indian cowboy, war hero, walking wounded in search of answers.  Cougar needs to build a new life, and he’ll start with what he loves most.  Horses.  Which brings him to the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary and into the lives of ranch volunteer Celia Banyon and her very special son.

The boy suffered an unspeakable accident, and his mother feels equally unspeakable guilt.  But maybe a man like Cougar can lure her back from the brink with the offer of a chance to feel like a woman again.  Now, suddenly, one name isn’t enough for what they might have—healing, love, family, forever.  The risks are great, but the possibilities are endless.

ON SALE September 20, 2011

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