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When Kezawin first met James Garrett, she thought he might be the one who had come to her during a life-changing dream. She had become the Double-Woman Dreamer. But the strange white man shared her interest in the plants that grew in her homeland--hers, for feeding and healing, and his, for what he called scienceShe couldn't help being drawn to the man, though she knew the attraction was doomed. According to Lakota legend, a woman like Kezawin--one who'd dreamed of the changeling known as Deer Woman--might well become a powerful healer, but her love could kill a man. And Kezawin wasn't about to take that chance.

Naturalist James Garrett knew Kezawin felt something for him. Why else would she have risked her life to save him from an excruciating death at the hands of her enemies? Still, he wondered why was she resisted him now. And how far did he have to go to convince her that their love was strong enough to keep them both safe? 

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   HEAVEN AND EARTH is also on sale now in e-format and trade paperback. 


Amazon, Apple and many other retailers offer a generous chunk of the first chapter of HEAVEN AND EARTH, along with "A Note From The Author" that offers some background on this story's setting and a bit about the history of our mixed-blood hero's Metis people. 

Here's the setup:  Ever since he got into trouble with the Canadian Hudson's Bay Company, fur trader Jed West has lived quietly in an isolated cabin in Oregon Country. When a Shoshone hunting party tells him of a wagon train carrying white settlers spreading deadly disease on their land, they also warn him of a dying woman abandoned near the foot of his mountain. Jed finds Katherine--newlywed widow of a Connecticut missionary--takes her in and sees her through the throes of typhoid fever. But it is Katherine's promise to her dead husband that poses the greatest threat to her life and to Jed's hope for turning his own life around.  

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