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What's Never Out Of Season?

Sep 27, 2019

Our favorite books, of course!
Hello, fellow readers,
Autumn has always been my favorite season for so many reasons, starting with birthdays (my sister's and mine), weddings (older son's, only daughter's), and blazing colors that make their own beautiful stories. Two of my publishers are offering blazing buys on my books, and I almost missed the chance to tell you about them. The sale--$.99 each--is on through Sept. 30, maybe a day or so longer. If you collect books on your phone, e-reader, tablet, computer--so many smart ways these days to light up your life--this is a nice way to add 2 more.

WHAT THE HEART KNOWS: Her job is dangerous. His life is at risk. A hit-and-run brings them together again. Reese Blue Sky is the hometown hero who harbors a secret. Helen Ketterling is the woman he loved, lost, never thought he'd see again. And her secrets trump his.
Here's Amazon's link: http://tinyurl.com/whatheartknows.
But the price is good for all major e-book retailers. And for a couple of surprise photos, do check out my blog post for the story behind this story:

ONCE UPON A WEDDING: Camille's daughter wants a wedding with all the traditional trimmings, which is fine except for one possibly painful detail. Jordan wants her footloose father to give her away. The Amazon link: https://tinyurl.com/onceuponwedding

I love this book. I borrowed details from my daughter's September wedding and loaned them to Jordan. Just little things, like the bride's father delivering her to the church in his pickup. And the bride's mother's ride to the church, well, that happened.
Here's a sample from ONCE UPON A WEDDING:

During this cool season I hope you enjoy the warmth of these stories and so much more.

Be well, my friend. You're already well-read!