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Keep Calm, Stay Warm, Read a Book

Apr 11, 2019

Dear fellow reader,

Just when Minnesotans thought Winter had mostly melted and joined the river flowing--the mighty Mississippi starts here--she's baaack. Already today a storm called Wesley has brought us snow, sleet, thunder, lightning, 50+ mile-an-hour wind bringing dust from hundreds of miles away--Texas, they say--and the threat of power outages.

Minnesotans know what to do in these circumstances. Put the flip-flops back in the closet, take the woolens and down-filled stuff back out, and curl up with a book. And I've good one for you. RIDE A PAINTED PONY is on sale for $.99 through April 15. Yes, April 15, another April day that lives in infamy, another reason to treat yourself to a good read.

RIDE A PAINTED PONY is the first in a 2-book series. MYSTIC HORSEMAN is the second. Here's my pitch for PAINTED PONY: A scarred man meets a scared woman on a lonely road one rainy night. Her secrets are too terrible to tell. His past is too haunting to share. But Nick Red Shield must help, the woman called Joey must trust, and so begins their story. You can read Chapter 1 at www.kathleeneagle.com. Get the $.99 deal at all major e-book retailers. Now hunker down and enjoy. This storm, too, shall pass.

Stay safe and be well!