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Put your feet up, Relax, Read

Dec 7, 2018

Dearest Reader,
It's the holiday season. Put up a few lights and nature throws the sparkle back 'atcha. We have tress powdered with new snow, black velvet skies, starry nights. It's a great time to get A VIEW OF THE RIVER. At only $.99 for the e-edition through December15, you can afford to take some "me" time. Just you and a good book. Let me pitch it to you...

Birch Trueblood's traditional role as an Ojibwe healer doesn't pay the bills, so he performs rituals for New Age believers and tourists on the side to support his young daughter. Rochelle LeClaire, owner of Rosewood B & B, has crossed paths with Birch before, and she believes he's a charming fraud. Then her eccentric aunt hires him—to communicate with the spirits haunting the house of all things--and Birch is suddenly in Rochelle's space and eventually, in her bed. When long-silent voices bring secrets to light, will their fragile bond be strong enough to hold them together?

Here's the Amazon link: https://tinyurl.com/getAVOTR The price is so good at all major e-book sellers you'll want to play Secret Santa to your book club!

Enjoy your holidays, my friend!