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Playing With Heart

Feb 9, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know you just heard from me a few weeks ago, but we're about to celebrate the incurable romantic's special day, and my publisher is offering WHAT THE HEART KNOWS through all e-book retailers for just $1.99. At that price you might want to add this one to your own device and your sweetie's as well. The sale runs through February 15th.There's an excerpt at www.kathleeneagle.com along with some links and some details about the story, but I thought I'd tell you a bit about the inspiration for this book.

It's dedicated to my father and a student from my first year as a high school teacher. Each was a warrior in his own way--Daddy as a WWII paratrooper and career USAF pilot, and Robert Eaglestaff as a Standing Rock High School Warrior. They were both fine basketball players who became excellent educators. They both died of heart disease, much much too young.

Reese Blue Sky's background borrows from both of these good men, but I jacked Reese up to a retired NBA player. He's returned to the reservation for his estranged father's funeral. Helen Ketterling, the woman he loved and lost, has also returned, bearing a heart full of secrets. When Reese knew her, she was a teacher, but now she's working at the tribal casino, where there's more to her job than she's at liberty to disclose. So we have romance, second chances, suspense, and truly inspired characters to enjoy.

And did I mention that I'm an avid basketball fan? Go Warriors! Go Timberwolves! Win or lose, it's all about playing with heart.

Happy reading!