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New Release and E-book On Sale

Aug 30, 2017

My dear friend,
Like you, I've been watching the news and praying for the people who live in and around the area hit by Hurricane Harvey. Like you, I'm donating to the American Red Cross. And like you, I'm inspired by hard-hit neighbors courageously bringing aid and comfort to their harder-hit neighbors. God bless Texas.

It's been a quiet summer at the Eagle's nest. I wish I could spread some of our good Minnesota weather around. Instead, I'm turning up in your in-box with news of good romance flourishing in bad weather, Minnesota style. A VIEW OF THE RIVER takes place during during a Halloween blizzard, much like the one the Eagle family experienced 2 months after we moved here from the Dakotas. And we thought we were moving south! Check out the new cover and the excerpt at http://tinyurl.com/viewotr, which is Amazon. but you'll find links to more retailers and a different excerpt on my website: http://www.kathleeneagle.com

And about that sale...
NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK (sequel to THE NIGHT REMEMBERS) Is on sale today and tomorrow for $1.99 in e-format. Come September, the sale will be over. You can get it through Amazon-- http://tinyurl.com/nflsilk --but you'll get the same price at all online retailers. Do check out the background material I've put together along with the excerpt: http://www.kathleeneagle.com/nightfallslikesilk.html

Enjoy your holiday weekend, my friend. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being a reader. Books enrich our lives in truly amazing ways.

Happy reading!