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Stories To Warm the Heart

Dec 14, 2016

Dear reader,

I enjoy the beauty of winter. As long as it doesn't steal from autumn or refuse to give over to spring, I'm fine with winter having its proper chunk of the year. Four seasons seem to broaden the imagination by giving it a changing playground, so I'm not a snowbird. Traditionally, winter is the time for storytelling. (I always say that, don't I?}

I'm writing this to let readers know that MYSTIC HORSEMAN (http://tinyurl.com/DillonBlack), sequel to RIDE A PAINTED PONY (http://tinyurl.com/RAPP2 ) has just been released in digital format, soon to be available in trade paperback also. I offer the Amazon link here, but if you visit www.kathleeneagle.com you'll find more links to online retailers, along with excerpts and teasers about the books.

I love these two wounded heroes, and I think you will, too. Readers who've read the books before tell me they're adding them to their e-readers, handy for rereading. I, too, am an avid re-reader when it comes to my favorite books. Have been since I was a child.

The popularity of PRIVATE TREATY (http://tinyurl.com/keaglept)--re-released this year after being out of print for about 30 years--has been a pleasant surprise. It was the first book I wrote--although not the first I published--and I was happy to have the chance to revise it quite heavily. The story is a favorite of mine, and writers are almost never satisfied. You read your book after it's published, and you see ways to make it better. Getting a book ready for a new format is a welcome chance to do just that.

I hope you enjoy these stories in this magical season and beyond. The winter solstice will soon turn the darkening season over, and gradually the sun will bring us another spring. Four seasons. What a perfect plan.

Happy reading, my friend!