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Holiday love stories, lovely price

Nov 4, 2016

Hello, book lovers!
Are you ready to start getting ready? Here in Minnesota it sure doesn't feel like November today. I had to look at the calendar to make sure. Yes, holidays are indeed heading straight for us. In celebration, my publisher has THE SHARING SPOON in s-book form on sale for a few more days for $1.99. It's a collection of 3 novellas. The title story was inspired by the school that recruited my husband and brought the Eagles to Minnesota from North Dakota years ago. By the way, did you know that Minnesota is home to the most bald eagles of any of the lower 48 states?

Along with links to online retailers, you'll find little story teasers on my website here: http://www.kathleeneagle.com/the-sharing-spoon.html
But here's Amazon's link for starters: http://preview.tinyurl.com/eagleholiday

Looking ahead, MYSTIC WARRIOR--sequel to RIDE A PAINTED PONY (http://tinyurl.com/RAPP2 on Amazon, also available now at all major online retailers)--will be out very soon. And, yes, I'm working on new books. Teaching writing classes, taking care of grandkids, writing writing writing--life is good! Hope you're healthy, happing, and enjoying a good book right now.

Happy reading!