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My Personal Invitation

Dec 17, 2015

Dear Eagle reader--

It's that time of year when we have no time because it's flying and we have way more stuff to do than time to finish it. It might not get finished, but it'll be just fine.

At this very moment the 2-week-long Wounded Knee Memorial Ride is underway in South Dakota, and I've been sharing pictures from my nephew's Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/kathleen.eagle1. Take a moment to check them out. Some of the pictures are as breathtaking as you can imagine a deep breath of that SD air is right now. I know because 25 years ago my husband and I participated in the ride. It commemorated 100 years since the assassination of Sitting Bull and the Wounded Knee massacre.

You might think a remembrance of such tragic events would be a bit of a downer, but it wasn't. It was a tribute to the survival of a people. It was an honoring, a reconciliation, a healing experience. And it was a challenge. Later I was inspired to to write REASON TO BELIEVE, which I consider to be one of my best family stories. I look for news of the ride every year, and I think warm thoughts, pray for power to the people who participate. This year the ride is dedicated to future generations.

Now here's the invitation. I'm part of a group of authors who have started a Facebook group for readers and writers called "Inside the Bell Tower." The idea is to get to know each other a bit, talk interests, family, work, movies, books, and where ideas come from. Right now we have a daily drawing for book prizes going on--calling it "12 Days of Wishes." Tomorrow (12/18 Friday) I'm giving one participant an e-copy of YOU NEVER CAN TELL, the sequel to THE LAST GOOD MAN,which is on sale for $1.99 through Dec 31. You have to join the group to enter, but that's easy. Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/InsidetheBellTower/ right now, click "join," and you'll be approved as soon as one of us gets word. Then enter every event through Christmas Eve. And chat with us!

Watch for NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK to go on sale for $1.99 (e-format) Jan 16-31. But before that I'll have another book out. PRIVATE TREATY is a historical novel that's been out of print for ages. I got the rights back and revised it for new publication. I'll tell you more in my next newsletter.

Have a wonderful holiday. I hope to see you Inside The Bell Tower!

All my best,