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Treat Yourself, Too

Dec 1, 2015

Dear readers and friends,

It’s a bustling, busy season, and we’re all thinking about what we can do for friends and family, but it’s important to take time for ourselves as well. For me, down time usually means a movie or a book. I can’t wait to take my grandchildren to see “Star Wars.” Their dads—my sons—were younger than their kids are now when the first installment came out. In fact my younger son was just a toddler. And the coming installment is supposed to be almost as good as the first ones. Can’t wait!

Everyone in the family gets a book or two from me during the holidays, and I’m grateful for the excellent selection of young adult novels available. We visited Harry Potter World this year, and the girls were thrilled with the way the books were brought to life. Now they’re asking for books by authors like John Green and Rainbow Rowell. Teen fare! No other medium engages the imagination quite the way a book does.

So I’m happy to report that a couple of mine are specially priced in digital format for the holidays. THE LAST GOOD MAN was chosen for Amazon’s “Holiday Store,” on sale for $1.99 through December. Tiny Sunbonnet, Wyoming, is all abuzz over the news of the return of famous hometown girl Savannah Stephens, but why is she hiding? And who knew she had a child? The little girl looks just like Savannah's first love, local bad boy Kole Kills Crow (hero of the sequel, YOU NEVER CAN TELL), Clay Keogh's half-brother. As always, Clay is there for her. But until she can come to grips with her secret struggle, Clay has little chance of bridging the emotional distance between them.
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/tlgmke

THE SHARING SPOON, my collection of three holiday novellas, is on sale December 1-15 through all major online retailers for $1.99 in digital format. In the title story, a man and a woman from two different worlds learn to bridge that divide when a storm brings about the lesson of “The Sharing Spoon.” As Christmas 1879 approaches in “The Wolf and the Lamb,” a mixed-blood gunslinger reluctantly agrees to help Boston-bred mail-order bride find refuge for the two newly orphaned stepdaughters she’s just met. And in “The Twelfth Moon,” Sergeant Luke Tracker is finally home for the holidays. A few days’ leave with his family is all he has in mind, and playing Santa Claus at school is nothing more than a fun little favor. Until his sister’s new friend and fellow teacher lands on his knee.
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/shspoon

You’ll find more details and links to the books at major online retailers on my website. http://www.kathleeneagle.com/ I hope you’ll take a look. All my books are available in print as well. Also coming this month is a completely revised version of PRIVATE TREATY, my first historical romance.

I truly appreciate your interest in my book, and I hope you’ll “friend” me: https://www.facebook.com/kathleen.eagle1
And join me with more writer friends on a new group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/insidethebelltower

The Eagle family wishes you and yours the happiest of holidays!
All my best,
Kathleen Eagle