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Oct 10, 2015

Dear Dear Reader,

Two celebrations going on at the Eagles' Nest today.

#1-- I married Clyde Eagle 45 years ago today. That's right, we were both 5 years old. Okay, not. There's a picture on my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/kathleen.eagle1 Two starry-eyed kids. She's a first-year teacher. He's a cowboy-turned-soldier on leave. Thirty days to for wedding, honeymoon, memorizing the face of a new spouse before he gets shipped out. Ah, crazy kids.

#2 -- SUNRISE SONG is on sale in e-format for $1.99 at most online retail outlets--Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks for sure. I've put links on my web page, www.kathleeneagle.com, where you can read the prologue and see what you think. The log line: Two love stories, separated by years, intertwined by blood and history. This is an uplifting, heroic, love-conquers-all story about a real place--Hiawatha Asylum For Insane Indians (Canton, SD, 1902-1934)--that isn't a chapter you'll find in any history book. Check out the "Behind the Book" posts on my Facebook page.

I hope you'll give the book a look. And while I'm hoping, would you--if you have a few minutes on any of the online book sites and if you've enjoyed any of my books--please post a little review? These days those reviews are highly valued by retailers, publishers and readers--not to mention writers. Okay, I am mentioning writers, and Yours Truly really truly appreciates your support.

I'm so glad you enjoy my books. Looks for THE SHARING SPOON to go on sale in December. It's my holiday collection of 3 novellas, just in time for gift-giving and quiet me-time for my readers. And PRIVATE TREATY, my first historical, will be available this fall. It was the first book I wrote, first published over 25 years ago. I spent most of the summer revising it, and I'm really proud of the results.

Happy Autumn! May yours be full of warm, rich color.
All my best,
Kathleen Eagle