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Aug 2, 2013

Dear Reader,

I hope you're having as lovely a summer as we are here in Minnesota. Perfect lake weather, and you know how many lakes we have. Okay, we don't either--more than 10,000--but we got a slow start on summer, so we're splashing around, toweling off, and settling down on the beach with our pods, pages, phones and, well, I'm still turning the paper pages, but I'm thrilled with all the formats available for reading these days.

So I thought I'd drop by and let you know that kathleeneagle.com has just been updated with a few suggestions you might consider for your reading pleasure. REASON TO BELIEVE has just been released in e-book and trade paperback formats. It's available from all your favorite booksellers, but I think Amazon might be the first to have the e-book http://tinyurl.com/qczjjax There's an excerpt on my web site, so I hope you'll partake of a sample. This is truly a healing story--marriage, family, community and more. Very proud of this one.

And this one. Almost nothing grabs my attention these days faster than a great sale price. YOU NEVER CAN TELL (http://tinyurl.com/abept3v) made the Amazon Monthy Deal list, so throughout August you can get the e-book for $1.99. That's an 80% discount. Love it! This book is the sequel to THE LAST GOOD MAN (http://tinyurl.com/o5sxm4l). Bop on over to kathleeneagle.com for blurbs and excerpts for both of these books.

And do drop in on my blog: http://tinyurl.com/rwttd10. We're having a drawing for one of these books. Find out which one!

Thank you for subscribing to my very occasional book newsletter. You know us Minnesotans--we always start off with the weather. I know you get lots of e-mail, and I appreciate being allowed to be part of it. Enjoy the day, my friend.

Happy Reading!