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WHAT THE HEART KNOWS just released

May 15, 2013

News this week: Spring has finally burst forth in the North Country. For a day at least. 70 to 96 degrees in 24 hours is what we call gunning the weather engine in Minnesota. But the birds are ready to put down roots for a while, and the rest of us are headed down to the lake in the shorts and sandals we've been wearing since it hit 40 in March. I'm carrying sunscreen and a couple of books, and I'm eager to share them with you.

WHAT THE HEART KNOWS just came out in trade paperback and e-format. It was hailed as a "Top 5 Romance of the Year" by Library Journal and BookPage when it first came out. Who's it about? Two of my favorite characters. He's the hometown hero who harbors a secret. She's the woman he loved, lost, and never thought he'd see again. And her secret trumps his. I hope you'll stop in at www.kathleeneagle.com when you have a chance and read the prologue. Or look it up on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. They have an excerpt for you, too. And tonight I'm working on a new post for tomorrow (5/16) at ridingwiththetopdown.wordpress.com. Please visit us you have time.

I'm also working hard on two new books, so I hope you won't mind if I keep you posted. I'm glad you enjoy my stories, and I do hope we all enjoy a beautiful summer!

Happy Reading!
Kathleen Eagle