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If books were horses, we'd ride double...

Jun 19, 2006

I truly believe that the writing process is not complete
until a story comes to life in the minds of readers. I
just completed the line edits for RIDE A PAINTED PONY, and
I'm really eager for my publisher to get this book into
readers' hands. I think you're going to love it. November
28 is the on-sale date. I know it seems early to talk
about it, but the way time flies...

I just put up a little teaser for the book at
www.kathleeneagle.com. It's actually the coverflap copy.
As soon as all the edits are complete--in the last stage I
go over the final page proofs--I'll provide an excerpt.
Until then, please visit the Eagle's Nest for my latest
news of our recent visit to South Dakota and pictures of
the setting for so many of my stories. I posted a bit on
the message board about a disturbing threat to Bear Butte,
a place that is deeply sacred to the Lakota people. I'd
love to read some of your thoughts. I also posted about it
on my blog, www.ridingwiththetopdown.blogspot.com.

The blog isn't mine alone. Seven authors contribute to it,
and we're just getting started. I hope you'll check it out
and register with us so you can make comments. It's like a
chat room, only better. I can type as slowly as I think.
It's like conference call, only better. You can speak up

Finally, I'll be guest blogging on July 6 at
www.romancebytheblog.blogspot.com. It's a fun site hosted
by reviewer Michelle Buonfiglio, "star" of the nationally
syndicated Romance Buy the Book web column. There's a link
to her column on my links page. She's a terrific
journalist and a huge fan of women's fiction.

I hope you're enjoying summer so far. Whether you're
heading for the beach or the backyard, don't forget to take
a good book along with you!

All my best,
Kathleen Eagle