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Entering the bloggosphere

May 29, 2006

It's almost too late to call this a May newsletter from the
Eagle's Nest, but I'll squeeze it under the wire before we
head out to the Dakotas for our usual Memorial Day visit.
The weather is supposed to be perfect for an all-day trail
ride, which is what the family has planned. I'd better do
this now while I can still sit.

First, I hope you'll join the fun on my new blog at
www.ridingwiththetopdown.blogspot.com. It's a joint effort
with several other writers, and we're just getting started.
I've been avoiding the whole blog phenomenon, but when
several of my writer friends suggested we get together on
one, I decided to give it a whirl. We hope to keep people
interested with daily posts and lots of lively discussion
about almost anything we happen to be thinking about.
You'll need to become a "registered user," which is
supposed to be the best way to keep spammers at bay, but I
think that's just a matter of signing up once. Then you
can comment on anything and everything. Be sure to fill
out the e-form with you "burning question." I still intend
to keep up with the message board at kathleeneagle.com.
I've heard from several people about the friendships that
have developed through my message board, which is so cool!

If you haven't visited www.kathleeneagle.com in the last
month, do pop over and see the May news page. I had the
quarterly Midwest Fiction Writers published authors meeting
at my house and surprised my friends with some
doll-dressing activities. I have quite a collection of
historical costumes for my vintage Barbie dolls. If you
enjoy historical fiction, I think you'll agree that doll
costumes can be as much fun as a Renaissance Festival or a
Rendezvous--both of which I also enjoy.

Only a couple more days left to bid in Brenda Novak's
charity auction for Juvenile Diabetes, so do take the link
from my home page and check out that event. I donated a
pair of autographed hardcovers, and there are lots of
fabulous items for sale, all for a worthy cause.

Next month I'll be able to tell you more about RIDE A
PAINTED PONY, which is coming out in December, and about
the sequel, which I'm working on right now. But I'm
getting ahead of myself. I hope you're in for plenty of
lazy, hazy, crazy days this summer, including a stack of
good books.

Happy Reading!