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Deep In December Reads

Dec 7, 2021

Dear friendly reader,

It's been a long year, hasn't it? Long and so very challenging. I won't keep you very long today. Just long enough to wish you good health, good holidays, and good reading.

We decided to decorate our little courtyard this year using a couple of garlands from Trader Joe's--my favorite grocery store for so many reasons--and trimming from our own evergreen bushes and small cedars, a little red willow and white birch. It looks woodsy out there. I added a few little feathered critters--homage to hubby's return to putting out bird feeders--and a few bows, and voila! Clyde keeps a couple of strings of lights on timers out there throughout the year, so we can see our cheery scene from the family room, sit outside beside the little portable fire pit, sip our coffee and enjoy the half inch of fluffy snow that fell over the weekend. By the depths of January the very idea of more snow will be anything but charming, but right now it's fresh and lovely in the yard. (On the road, not so much.)

Enjoy your winter scene, whether it be white or green. Enjoy THE SHARING SPOON, my collection of three holiday novellas offered in e-format now through December 15 through your favorite online book retailer for only $.99. Check out kathleeneagle.com for brief descriptions and links to a few retailers.

Finally, please look after your health and that of those you love. And drive carefully! It is, after all, winter hereabouts. The horse pulling the sleigh is sure-footed, but the tires on ice and snow? Again, not so much.
All my very best!