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Barbie's Bridal Show
Spending the Day with Nana Kathleen


My granddaughter has her own contemporary Barbies to play with, but she knows the good stuff as well as any Barbie fan, and vintage Barbie is best.  We love the wedding dresses, so we decided to have a spring bridal show.  We used books to make a spiral staircase.  ONCE UPON A WEDDING was perfect. (Yes, dear, your Nana wrote this book.)  The round table made it easy for us to play dolls from all angles.      


This is the more classic collection.  The "Dream Wedding" dress ('63) on the far right (brunette bubble-cut) is one of our favorites, along with "Winter Wedding" '69-70 to her left.  The blonde bubble in front wears the bridesmaid's outfit, "Orange Blossom."  There's one homemade (not by me!) outfit in this photo.  Can you spot it?

The Mod Gals.  The black Silkstone (my only 21st century Barbie) wears "Wedding Wonder" '68-69.  I actually melted a hole small in the the dotted swiss in back, dang me.  I made the picture hat for Francie's "Wedding Whirl" (1970--the year of my own wedding--check out the Family Album for my homemade [by me!] empire gown).  I made many of the veils and I do add the occasional embellishment, which can easily be removed.  One of our craft projects was bouquets.  I have a few of the originals, but not enough to go around.  The strapless on Malibu Barbie (far right) is a custom dress.  Closeups below are "Sweetheart Satin" '72, "Winter Wedding", "Dream Wedding," and the whole show. Next she wanted to have a wedding, and since I don't do Ken, Buzz Lightyear was the groom. Piper loves to help take pictures.