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News From the Nest 5/05
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 Updated May 9

The book is in production.  That means that A VIEW OF THE RIVER has been line edited and copy edited, has a cover, and is now getting its "fit" to go into print.  Soon I'll have page proofs to peruse, and that will be my last chance to make tiny little changes.  At that point I'll feel comfortable about putting an excerpt up on this site.  I haven't decided which scene to use.  Generally I go with the very beginning, but this time the beginning is a flashback to THE YEAR 1911, but the story is set in the present day.  I don't want to confuse anyone.  Hmmm, what to do?




I do have plans for this month.  I'll be trekking down to Lincoln, Nebraska with local writer (and friend) Lois Greiman for an event to be held on May 14 (Holiday Inn, 141 North 9th Street, 9am to 5pm).  Lois and I will be speaking and signing our latest books for "Turning the Pages of Romance: A One Day Conference for Lovers of Romantic Fiction" sponsored by the Lincoln City Libraries and the Omaha Public Library.  You can still contact Rebecca Lee at (402) 441-4465 or romance@lincolnlibraries.org for information and registration.  I'll be signing NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK and its prequel, THE NIGHT REMEMBERS.

Speaking of THE NIGHT REMEMBERS, I've had a set of discussion questions prepared for that book.  Hop over to the Discussion Guides page and check them out.  I had some wonderful response to the discussion guide for NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK, so I plan to offer more of them.

More plans for May--a trip to South Dakota.  My mare just foaled, and I can't wait to see her black and white paint boy baby--or as Clyde says, "horse colt."  I'll bring you some pictures.  The purchase of the mare--Superstar (photo in the archives, March news)--and the challenge of having her hauled to Minnesota from Oregon in the winter gave me the germ of the idea for the book I'm working on now.  Actually, it started out as an image in Clyde's head, but more about the way our heads work later.  The story is still untitled and very much a work in the early stages of progress.


Now, back to my hints about A VIEW OF THE RIVER...                          


This lovely young lady reminds you of a) the postcards I sent out years back with my children representing aspects of my Silhouette novels; b) the Halloween costume you would have chosen for yourself, but your mother always talked you into being a gypsy or a hobo because it was bound to be too cold to wear anything this cute; or c) a Madam Alexander "Dorothy" doll.

You can't go wrong with a, b, and/or c.  This is my granddaughter.  Even at two-and-a-half, she wanted to dress up like her favorite storybook characters.  She just turned three and had an Alice In Wonderland tea party, complete with the costume.  Now, what does this have to do with A VIEW OF THE RIVER?  Well, the hero is a widower whose little girl wants a Halloween costume from THE WIZARD OF OZ. 

And the heroine is restoring her family's extensive doll collection, which might be something she can sell if worse comes to worst.  Her eccentric aunt has been giving away money hand over fist, and our heroine would like very much to keep the old woman from losing the roof over their heads. 

Indeed, the estate that inspired the story does house a wonderful doll collection.  And as I believe I've mentioned, dolls are a particular passion of mine.  Here's my granddaughter again, posing with a few of the dolls in my--or rather our--vintage Barbie collection.  They're wearing outfits we've photographed and added to the Barbie page this month.  Enjoy them if you're so inclined.  And come back next month for pictures of our new four-legged baby and more hints about my September release, A VIEW OF THE RIVER.