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That Special Day

Ideas and personal touches from Kathleen Eagle  

For My Daughter's Wedding

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She dreamed of wearing a glittering tiara and carrying a cascade of Sterling roses, irises and delphinium.  She wanted a long train, a billowing satin dress, lace sleeves, seed pearls.  She had always been our princess, but now she would be the Princess Bride.  Her father would walk her down the aisle and place her hand in the hand of her Prince Charming. And her mother wanted to see that her day would be perfect in every detail.

As we planned Elizabeth's wedding, we found ways to personalize, to make Elizabeth and John's day one that had their names written all over it.  I hope some of our ideas will inspire more wedding dreams and plans.

My novel ONCE UPON A WEDDING was inspired by the once-in-a-lifetime experience of planning a wedding with my daughter.  It is dedicated to Elizabeth and John.


  Showering the Bride


Any ideas for games?

Three weeks before the wedding, maids of honor Miranda (shown here) and Sherry gave Elizabeth a lovely shower.  Colors for the wedding included shades of purple, hence the bride's "shades."  Winners in the shower games chose prizes (including lots of romance novels, of course) from large plastic storage containers, which came in handy for storing the bride's gifts.  One of the best games was "The Bride Price is Right."  Guests guessed the prices of grocery items--tasty treats like chocolate sauce, spicy mustard, extra-virgin olive oil, wine and herbal vinegars, Scorned Woman's Hot Sauce--which were also gifts for the newlyweds' pantry. The closest guess without going over the price earned the guest a prize from the stash.



Gifts from the "Uninvited Auntie"

Do you have a friend who can put on a great show?  At the Eagle's nest, nobody does it better than best-selling author Betina Krahn.  After all the gifts had been opened, an ominous cackle silenced chattering guests.  Betina had slipped away from the party to return as the "slighted auntie" (left) who hadn't received an invitation to the party.Remember the fairy godmother who cursed Sleeping Beauty?  Our auntie isn't quite so mean.  Her "curse" was a trove of cleaning products, mops, dusters, laundry hamper, detergent--the serious reality check.  Betina presented each product with side-splitting humor.  She was definitely the entertainment highlight of the shower.  Both John and Elizabeth have since commented on how handy Auntie Betina's gifts were when they moved into their new house!



Favors for the shower guests

What better favor for a shower than herbal soap?  I went to several online sites for favor ideas and realized that with my handy-dandy computer and color printer, I could fashion the favors myself for a fraction of the cost--and I did.  I found deliciously scented hand-milled soap at T.J. Maxx.  I wrapped each bar in colored celophane, then banded it with a pretty label printed with Elizabeth's name, the date, and a note of thanks for sharing the day with us.

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