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Private Treaty
"‚Ķwill leave the reader deeply moved."  LaVyrle Spencer


Clash of cultures . . .

Like so many before her, schoolteacher Carolina Hammond came to South Dakota looking for a new life, but the reality of living in such a wild place soon had her rethinking her rash decision. Especially when the winds began to howl as the skies turned black... 

One minute, she was outside watching the skies and the next, she found herself plucked onto the back of a horse and out of the tornado's path to safety. But then she met her rescuer and realized she was anything but safe. This man was dangerous--to her reputation and to her heart. 

Jacob Black Hawk had never met a white woman like Carolina. She was strong, independent…and incredibly passionate. More importantly, she made him feel like a man--a man she wanted. Though they came from worlds society said could never meet, the desire blazing between them would not be denied. 

But a love like theirs could not remain a secret for long. When the truth came to light, would Jacob have the strength to let the woman he loved walk away? Or would he claim her as his own . . . even if it made her an outcast from her own people?

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