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You read about younger brother Zach Beaudry in Kathleen's IN CARE OF SAM BEAUDRY, but you didn't meet him in person.  That's because Zach is a footloose rodeo cowboy.  

Stranded and half-frozen in frigid South Dakota, professional bull rider Zach Beaudry walked three miles to reach the only light in sight.  Before he blacked out on the porch he saw a vision through the window of the big ranch house--an angel decorating a Christmas tree.  Zach thanked his lucky stars for the kindness of strangers.

But to Ann Drexler, this cowboy was no stranger.

Zach didn't seem to remember their shared night of passion all those years ago.  But how could Ann forget?  Finding Zach on her doorstep was as shocking as seeing the ghost of Christmas past.  And though helping her sister run a sanctuary for wild mustangs proved Ann had a soft spot in her heart  for strays, she tried to keep her distance.  Yet as Zach regained his strength and became indispensable with the horses, Ann wondered whether it was time for a second chance.

Here's what the 12/09 issue of Library Journal has to say:

Eagle, Kathleen. One Cowboy, One Christmas. Silhouette Special Edition. Dec. 2009. c.224p. ISBN 978-0-373-65493-2. pap. $4.99. CONTEMPORARY

Caught in a South Dakota blizzard when his aging truck gives out, bull rider Zach Beaudry barely manages to make it to the Drexler ranch in time for Ann and her sister, Sally, to thaw him out. But Zach is no stranger to Ann. Their one-night stand years earlier (which he can't remember) has left her wary and skittish, creating problems for Zach, who has decided Ann is the "angel" for him. VERDICT Although second in a series that readers will want to explore, this funny, spicy story is a touching holiday confection; overflowing with family and an abundance of likable characters, it more than stands on its own. Eagle (In Care of Sam Beaudry) is noted for her sensitive, realistic portrayal of Native American characters and issues; she lives in the Minneapolis area.

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