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On sale September 1,  2005

Birch Trueblood is a descendant of a courageous band of Ojibwe who defended their claim to the lands of northern Minnesota.  Having inherited the “family business,” he is now a respected Shaman and does a booming business with the New Age believers and tourists. With a motherless daughter to care for, he manages to mask his cynical attitude about life and his “art”—but everything is about to change when he’s called to work his magic at an historic old house filled with secrets, mysteries, and the occasional ghost—and meets a woman who’s about to make him a believer.


Rochelle LeClair has crossed paths with Birch Trueblood on several occasions—and has no reason to change her opinion that he’s a fake and a charlatan, despite the reluctant attraction she feels. Running a successful B&B at the grand old home of her Aunt Meg, a matriarch of Minnesota’s famous lumber empire, she’s about to come face to face with Birch again. Her eccentric aunt has brought him here to communicate with ghostly presences—but its Birch’s own rugged, masculine presence that plays havoc with her senses. As family rivalries, hidden truths, buried lies, and lost identities are exposed in stunning ways, the ghosts of Rosewood’s past will come to light, and so will Rochelle’s deepest secrets of the heart.  Read a scene from Chapter 2.

A bit of inspiration, this postcard plays a role in the book.  The tagline is "Warm meals at all hours,"and it was mailed from Grand Forks, ND to New York City on September 30 (my daughter's anniversary!), 1905.  Someone named Harry wrote, "Specimen of Indian work from North Dakota.  Very common.  Regards to Mink's and the Astor."  I don't know who Harry was--probably a missionary, maybe a medical worker.  Doubt if he was a tourist.  But doesn't something like this make you want to reach back in time and discover connections between what might have been then and what you know to be now?  Or think you know?  Be sure to look for A VIEW OF THE RIVER, a paperback original from Mira Books September, 2005!