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News From the Nest 9/06

You know what I'm going to start with.  Where has the summer gone?  It's so cliche, but it hits me in the face like a whapping storm door every year.  It's a good thing I love Fall.  Queen of the seasons, autumn brings my anniversary, my birthday, our preferred travelling time, and the anniversary of the publication of my first book, just to name a few of the good things.

In celebration of all that--not to mention anticipation of the publication of RIDE A PAINTED PONY--I'll be running at least six month's worth of contests.  Since these six months will also be devoted to all of the aforementioned celebrations PLUS finishing the sequel to RIDE A PAINTED PONY, I have a service taking entries for me.  The contest links are scattered about the nest, so put your name in anytime during the month.  You might win a gift certificate toward your next purchase at Amazon.com.  (Far be it from me to suggest what that should be.)

How do you like my book trailer?  It's been in the works during much of the summer, and I'm really pleased with it.  Just a little teaser from The Nest.  The first little excerpt is almost ready, too.  

But since the book won't be available until November 28, I've decided to add a new "Good Reads" feature to The Nest wherein I'll mention books by other writers.  I reviewed women's fiction for the Minneapolis Star Tribune for years, and I do love to promote the reading habit. 

Talk about your painted ponies, I've been waiting for the perfect time to show this baby off.  Meet Broomstick Cowboy.  This photo comes to us from a reader who named this pretty Paint for the title of one of my Silhouette Special Editions.  BROOMSTICK COWBOY was about a widowed sheep rancher who gets some unexpected help from her husband's best friend--a cowboy who's been carrying a torch for her since they were teenagers.  My thanks to Broomstick Cowboy's owner, Sue, for sending me his picture and story!