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  Updated November 18

NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK will be out in paperback in March 2005!  The new cover features the very same Minneapolis scene, but the treatment shouts Romantic Suspense.  This is Tommy T's story.  Like his hero in THE NIGHT REMEMBERS, Thomas Warrior has an urban "lair," but he prefers to live above the city rather than beneath it.  And he has an alter-ego, who has his own secret place.  Attractive, yes, and certainly mysterious, but what woman dares to get involved with such a man?  Don't miss these lovely examples of old ledger drawings.

If you've read WHAT THE HEART KNOWS, you know I'm a basketball fan.  Here I am signing books for giveaway during the Minnesota Timberwolves Literary Expo last March.  I was also a speaker for the event.  Pictured here are fellow Minnesota writers and my dear friends Pamela Bauer(center) and Lois Greiman (right).

Do you recognize this famous fellow?  Hint:  Shaft.  That's right, it's Grammy Award winner Isaak Hayes, who also spoke at the Timberwolves event.  He told me that if they ever make one of my books into a movie, he'll write a theme for it!

Valerie, one of my most loyal readers in France, posed with her adorable little girl (who reminds me of my granddaughter, Piper Sky) and her Kathleen Eagle collection.  I'd love to include more reader photos on this site.

My next book is A VIEW OF THE RIVER, and it's scheduled for paperback original release in October 2005.  It's time to start teasing you with some hints as to what it's about, and here's the first one.  Hmm.  A stone bench.  You can't tell from the picture, but this old bench overlooks the Mississippi River.  You don't often associate the Mississippi with Minnesota, do you?  But this is where it gets its start.

Wouldn't this be a great spot for a nighttime love scene?