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Two Interrelated Stories On Sale For a Song

Jul 22, 2019

Hello, fellow book lovers,
I'm sending my friends who live east of the Mississippi some cool air. Right now in Minnesota we can finally venture outside, take to the hammock, and melt into a good book.

I have a heart-tugging story for you to load into your e-reader. And to go with it, I wrote a blog post about the genesis of the idea for this, one of my best books, with a couple of pictures, a little historical background and one generous reader's personal memories.
Here's the link to my blog:

And here's the setup:
Mixed-blood Lakota Sioux Zane Lone Bull spent long years fighting on a distant foreign battlefield and in his own country and has vowed to fight no more. Now a tragic crime has brought Michelle Benedict into his life. Her search for the truth about her family becomes a way he might find his brother's killer and much more as together they are drawn into the decades-old mystery of a lost boy, a dark place, and a daring, desperate passion.

On sale now in e-format for $1.99:
Two couples, two love stories set a generation apart, this story reveals the existence of a little-known but very real institution--Hiawatha Asylum For Insane Indians. You won't find this chapter in too many history books, but it is a chapter we need to acknowledge. And I know you'll you root for the characters whose lives are changed forever by one man's SUNRISE SONG. Available from your favorite online e-book retailer. Here's Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/eaglesunrise

I truly hope you find this story interesting as well as entertaining. That's always my plan--entertain and enlighten with some good old-fashioned story-telling that tugs on the heartstrings.

So, my friends, slow down, stay cool, settle in with a book.
All my best,