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Longtime Reader Favorite PRIVATE TREATY On Sale

Jun 25, 2019

Happy summer, fellow book lover!

My first child was born on June 21--first day of summer. Ten summers later I wrote the very first draft of PRIVATE TREATY. The book got me an agent, but he said, "Let's save this one. Historicals will come back around. Right now, the market is all about contemporary series romance." So I wrote my first published book, SOMEDAY SOON. But my agent was right about historical romance. A few years later, my publisher launched a new line, and PRIVATE TREATY became one of the launch titles.

Year later I revised the book quite a bit when a new publisher offered to bring it out in new formats--e-book and trade paperback. Through the end of June you can download this award-winning book to your personal e-library for $.99. Go to www.kathleeneagle.com to read an excerpt and link to book sellers.

PRIVATE TREATY takes you to North Dakota back in 1896, where you'll meet Carolina and Jacob. She's never seen anthything like it--friendly sky turned savage in an instant--and she's never met anyone like Jacob Black Hawk, the man who sweeps her to safety, sheltering her from the storm with his body. From facing down one fierce force to testing the power of another, a man and a woman from different worlds are drawn together in the still of the night by the kind of magnetism that defies all obstacles.

I'll have another special deal for you starting July 16. Enjoy lots of good summer reading!