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You too can receive > SUNRISE SONG for $1.99 through April 30
SUNRISE SONG for $1.99 through April 30

Apr 28, 2018

Hello, fellow book lover!

Another great price on a good read is yours for the taking through April 30. SUNRISE SONG has been lauded by reviewers and readers alike as an unforgettable story. It's a book that's based on a little-known bit of early 20th century American history, a time when treatment for patients diagnosed as "insane" did more harm than good everywhere you looked, but in Indian Country, it was hidden away and used for much more than than medical treatment.

But I write relationship stories. Romances with happy endings. What am I doing letting an "asylum for insane Indians" creep into one of my stories? Well, you'll see when you read SUNRISE SONG.

IT'S 1973. A mixed-blood Lakota Sioux, Zane Lone Bull spent long years fighting -- on a distant foreign battlefield and in his own country. He's tired of fighting. He has better things to do. But a heartbreaking crime and a strange letter force him into another fight for what is sure to be a losing cause.

And then he meets Michelle Benedict, a woman seeking the truth about her family's past. it is her courage and indomitable spirit that rekindle the fire in Zane's heart, drawing them into a decades-old mystery of a lost boy, a dark place, and a daring passion.

My publisher has the e-book version SUNRISE SONG on sale for $1.99, but only through April 30. I hope you'll add it to you e-collection. The sale price is available from all major ebook-retailers, but here's the Amazon link: http://tinyurl.com/eaglesunrise. There's an excerpt to get you started at www.kathleeneagle.com

Enjoy Spring, my friend. In my neighborhood it's been a long time coming.
Happy Reading!