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Spring Warm-up

Mar 22, 2018

Happy Spring, fellow book lovers!

That's what my calendar says. Spring. My yard says, "You call this Spring? As soon as Sun and Rain get this dirty white blanket off me, I'll happily show you Spring." But I shouldn't complain. Lately my east coast friends have been battered by serial nor'easters. Enough already!

When winter drags its lagging tail past the spring equinox, we readers know we can find happiness in a warm book. How about PRIVATE TREATY? Through the end of March you can add an e-copy of this, the first book I wrote, for only $.99 from any e-book retailer (Amazon link: http://tinyurl.com/keaglept ). I've revised it considerably--I like to think my writing just gets better with age ;-) --but it's always been one of my most beloved stories. Read an excerpt on my web page, And here's the teaser for PRIVATE TREATY:

One minute, Carolina Hammond stands in front of her new home watching vast, ever-changing skies, and the next, she’s swept off the ground onto the back of a horse and out of the tornado's path to safety. But then she meets her rescuer and realizes she’s anything but safe. This man is dangerous--to her reputation and to her heart.

The woman is trouble—all heart and no ears—but Jacob Black Hawk cannot keep his customary distance. If the two loners are destined to became lovers, will Jacob find the will to walk away when the time inevitably comes.

And it'll be just as good when the weather finally changes. In the heat of summer, happiness is a cool book!

Happy reading, my friend!