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Cozy Reading Nips Crazy Cold

Jan 24, 2018

Dear avid reader,

I'm one of those, too. I can't go to sleep at night without read for at least an hour. It's part of my daily/nightly routine, and has been since I was a young child. I've always felt at home in libraries and bookstores, but I also enjoy browsing online. And I do shop sales. So I figure I'm doing my friends a favor whenever I can give them a heads-up about a sale on something we all like. Books.

BUT THAT WAS YESTERDAY is less than 1/2 price in e-format through the end of January, and WHAT THE HEART KNOWS will take its place on my publisher's promo list February 1-15. $1.99 is a good deal on a good story, so let me tell you a bit about the birth of YESTERDAY.

The title comes from a song about life changes. Yesterday's gone. It's about a loss, and hero Sage Parker has lost everything, grieved, faced his life's major crossroads and made a choice. He's starting over. He's working hard, making amends, and his plan is to KISS. You know--keep it simple, stupid. But his new boss is one serious complication, anything but simple.

Megan McBride is a female rarity. She's the engineer on a road construction project, and when her foreman proves impossible to work with, she offers the job to Sage. Since he's trying to rebuild his life after losing his family and every part of his ranch except the land during his heavy drinking days, the pay raise is irresistible. To well-meaning Megan, Sage is Phoenix rising. But the State road they're rebuilding runs through reservation land, where the traditional Red Road recovery program Sage leads clashes with an unscrupulous businessman.

I hope you'll "friend" me on FB (https://www.facebook.com/kathleen.eagle1) , check www.kathleeneagle.wordpress.com for a blog post about revising this book for its new release and stay in touch with www.kathleeneagle.com

Stay warm!