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One Of My Best On Sale

Dec 7, 2017

My dear friend and reader,

REASON TO BELIEVE is on sale for 1.99 in e-format, appropriately through December 15. I want to tell you why it's a special book for me, but please bear with me as I explain why a journey from tragedy to triumph seems appropriate for this season even now. Maybe especially now.

1990 was the centennial anniversary of tragedies barely if at all mentioned in American history books. On South Dakota's Lakota Sioux Indian reservations, recognition and remembrance of the passage of 100 years was in order. There would be Wiping of Tears, fulfillment of vows, sacrifice and renewal during a trek made mainly on horseback from December 15--the day in 1890 when the Hunkpapa Lakota leader and holy man Sitting Bull was assassinated--to December 29, the day Miniconjou leader Big Foot and at least 290 Lakota people seeking refuge with their Oglala cousins were massacred by the U.S. Army.

You might have noticed somewhere along the way in my bio that I'm a military brat. Not only that but my father was a military brat before he became a career USAF pilot, and his father--a Swedish immigrant--was a cavalry officer. Yes, a horse soldier. My parents and grandparents are buried at Arlington. My Lakota husband served in the Army as well.

But back to the 1990 Wounded Knee Memorial Ride, in which my husband Clyde and I took part. We weren't able to make the whole ride on horseback, but we rode the first part and dropped in at various points. We met the riders at Wounded Knee, cheered their arrival at the cemetery on that bitter cold day, feasted and celebrated what was truly a triumph.

The upbeat nature of the ride seemed miraculous to the non-Indian participants, including me. All comers were welcome. We became a community of believers in Wolakota, which is peace. And REASON TO BELIEVE is part of my celebration. It's a novel based on the 1990 memorial that was a dedication of human hearts. People came from all over the world to witness an event that those who were there will never forget. In my story, a family in desperate need of healing makes the journey. As you get to know Ben and Clara Pipestone and their family, I think you'll add to your list of reasons to believe in the healing power of love.

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - Mahatma Gandhi. Something else to think about. That and Anne Frank's belief that "...people are really good at heart." Even--maybe especially--in the dark of winter, people find countless reasons to believe. And much to celebrate.

Here's a site about the ride: https://tinyurl.com/1990memorial
Links for ordering: http://www.kathleeneagle.com/reasontobelieve.html

Best wishes to you and your family,