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Wouldn't You Love To RIDE A PAINTED PONY?

Oct 14, 2016

Dear Discerning Reader,
It's autumn, and do we ever have beautiful colors fairly glowing through the glass in our family room! Granddaughter Piper and I were just talking about this being our favorite season. Piper is a wonderful photographer, and what better picture season can there be? For me, it's memories and annual events--school days, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and so much more. Including my birthday, which is also election day this year. (Whew! Won't we all be happy to be looking at this one in the rearview mirror?)

So what I think is that we all need some good reading right about now. If you haven't read RIDE A PAINTED PONY--and even if you have but you need it in a new format--you're in for an uplifting treat. It's available now--brand new sexy cover--in e-book and trade-size paperback. Check out kathleeneagle.com for an excerpt, direct links to online retailers (you can order the paperback at your local bookstore) and the only book trailer I've ever made. I know this book is just what we need right now. "What the world needs now is love, sweet love." (But this one is suspenseful as well.) The sequel will be available any day, so you'll hear from me again.

Meanwhile, let's not have any frost on the pumpkin quite yet. The sugar maples, the oaks, the sumac, they're all showing off beautifully in Minnesota. Wherever you are, seize the day!

All my best,