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Add WHAT THE HEART KNOWS to your e-book reader

Aug 16, 2016

Hello my friend,

Summer's almost over? Really?
Yeah, really. But the good part is that SALES ABOUND! I love a sale, and as of this minute my publisher has one for you. Starting today through the end of the month you can add WHAT THE HEART KNOWS to your e-reader for just $1.99. That's more than half off at all the best e-book sites. I've linked the big ones on www.kathleeneagle.com. Amazon, for example: http://tinyurl.com/whatheartknows

Every romance author pens at least one "secret baby" book, and this is mine. Helen Kettering must return to the Bad River Sioux Reservation for an undercover investigation of illegal casino dealings, but she can't take her 12-year-old son with her. If retired pro basketball player Reese Blue Sky discovers that he has a son, Helen could lose him. When his fathers's death brings Reese home, Helen's reunion with the man she once loved is inevitable. And dangerous. Especially when evidence that Reese's father was murdered begins to mount and Helen's son decides to surprise his mother.

I'm an avid basketball fan (MN Timberwolves--just watch us rebound this year!)--and this book is dedicated to my father and to a student from the first class I taught on Standing Rock Reservation. Both were fine high school basketball players, both fine men who made a difference, and both forever-young heroes whose hearts gave out too soon.

I'll soon have two more books to tempt you with, so I hope you'll be on the lookout for more news. Meanwhile, visit my web site for an excerpt of WHAT THE HOUSE KNOWS. Enjoy the rest of summer with some good reading!

All my best,