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Feb 8, 2016

Dear friends and book lovers,

It's already month 2 of 2016, and here I am with newsletter 2 for the same year. But that's only because I care enough to send you the very best. News, that is. As of February 1, PRIVATE TREATY is on sale in trade paperback and digital formats. The story is set in the Dakotas in the early reservation days, 6 years after the death of Sitting Bull. It's my first historical novel, first published almost 30 years ago as one of the launch books for Harlequin Historical Romances. I recovered the rights to the book and revised it so thoroughly that we had to pull a new copyright.

The book is better than ever. It's the story of a teacher who wants to make a difference. That's kind of a tall order for a woman in 1896, but Carolina Hammond is a special woman. She's educated, idealistic, and very independent. Newly arrived on the wind-swept prairie, she's also a little naive and a true fish out of water. She meets Jacob Black Hawk, a Lakota cowboy who's also educated, a bit of a misfit in his own world, an outsider in hers, and far from idealistic. Their attraction to each other takes them both by storm, but a relationship between them seems impossible.

I hope you'll visit www.kathleeneagle.com for more details about this new release and direct links to many online booksellers including Amazon. I'm proud to say that this is still the book of my heart--get the scoop on its inception from my latest blog post at kathleeneagle.wordpress.com--one that I've published, revised with great love, and republished. Can you tell I'm pretty excited about this news? I think you will be, too.

One tiny reminder. If you read and enjoy PRIVATE TREATY (or any of my books), those online reviews are helpful to both readers and writers. Very much appreciated.

I wish you lots of chocolate, flowers, and wonderful books for Valentine's Day. Don't hesitate to treat yourself!

All my best,