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Night After Night

Jan 18, 2016

Dear book lover and friend of mine--

Happy 2016! Starting to get cold up here in the tundra of MN, so let's warm things up. I'm giving away a download of NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK today (1/18) to one randomly selected person who comments on my post on "Inside the Bell Tower." Join our lively group--just click "join," easy-peasy--and start chatting. Today's topic: the music of our lives. People are recalling associations with songs. https://www.facebook.com/groups/insidethebelltower

My news right now is that NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK in on sale through the end of the month for $1.99 in e-book. It's the sequel to THE NIGHT REMEMBERS, also available as an e-book. You know that you can visit www.kathleeneagle.com for excerpts from both. And I have two blog posts online right now about where the ideas for this pair of books came from: https://kathleeneagle.wordpress.com and http://www.bellbridgebooksblog.com/?p=3175 . I called them both "Night After Night," but they're different.

One tidbit you might find interesting: When my nephew, Kevin White Bull, told me about his ancestor, Joseph White Bull, a nephew of Sitting Bull, I was intrigued. He was a ledger drawing artist, a warrior at Little Big Horn, and he died on the 21st of June (my son's birthday) in 1947, the year I was born. Ledger drawings became an essential element in NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK.

PRIVATE TREATY will be available any day now, so there will be another newsletter winging its way to you. I truly appreciate your interest in my books. I don't plan on retiring, and that's because of readers like you.

Happy reading!
Kathleen Eagle