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New Year, New Book

Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year, fellow book lover!

I started the day with 30 sweaty minutes on the stationary bike. Okay, I started by dusting it off, and then I did 30 minutes while I watched the Rose Bowl parade. I take my resolutions one day at a time, but I visualize, pretty much the way I do when I'm writing. I see a fitter me marching down a sunny street, 5 miles without breaking a sweat. Fiction? I guess that's up to me, right?

Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that NEVER TRUST A COWBOY is officially on sale from Harlequin Special Edition. You can find it in real stores for a limited time, online forever. Amazon has it in whatever format you prefer, offers the first few pages free (http://tinyurl.com/nevertrustacowboy) as does B&N. How does this sound: Del Fox has a job to do in Short Straw, SD, and getting involved with Lila Flynn isn't part of the plan. Or is it?

Visit Amazon and you'll find THIS TIME FOREVER on sale for $1.99 in digital format. (http://tinyurl.com/thistimeforever) Download the free Kindle ap if you don't have an e-reader. That's what I did. THIS TIME FOREVER won the RITA award, and it's one of my best. In a nutshell: She'd helped convict him of a crime he didn't commit. Now she wants his help adopting the son he never knew he had.

I hope you'll check out the excerpts and sample just a taste. And I encourage you to do Amazon (or GoodReads, B&N, whatever you use) reviews for any of my books you've read and enjoyed. Reviews help readers find books and authors find new readers.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I hope you'll keep my website and my Facebook page on your radar. And I do wish you all the best in 2015.

Happy reading!
Kathleen Eagle