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Tis the Season For Sales On Everything

Nov 23, 2014

Dear book buddy--
We're all too busy right now. Way too busy. For my part the holidays will be taking a back seat to looking after my cowboy, who's recovering from his first knee replacement. I'm the official PT coach. With all there is to do, I cherish my reading time. I'm a night owl. Books before bed.

So I wanted to tell you about the limited-time (through 11/27) price reduction on two of my books in e-format. A story of forgiveness and redemption, REASON TO BELIEVE is a special book available now for the special $1.99 price http://tinyurl.com/reasonTB And don't miss the limited-time $1.99 deal on my holiday story collection THE SHARING SPOON. Books to sweeten the holidays!

I have a new Special Edition coming out December 16. NEVER TRUST A COWBOY is available for preorder (http://tinyurl.com/nevertrustacowboy) at Amazon, but it'll be on sale in stores that carry Special Edition. The cover is terrific. Who can resist a handsome cowboy and a Black Lab puppy?

Tis the season for stories and sales, and I hope you'll check these out. But not on Thanksgiving. I won't be shopping on Thanksgiving. It's a holiday, and family and friends day, and I wish you and yours the very best.

Happy Reading!
Kathleen Eagle