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A Here-Today-Gone-Tomorrow Book Deal

Jun 22, 2014

Hi, readers!
Just stopping by to let you know that NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK is the Daily Deal in Romance for Monday, June 23 at $1.99 in e-format. That's a 78% discount! Check out http://tinyurl.com/lhhrprc

NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK--described by Publisher's Weekly as “Edge-of-the-seat suspense"--is the sequel to THE NIGHT REMEMBERS. You'll find background and excerpts for both books at www.kathleeneagle.com. I hope you'll take a look. As always, I encourage you to post reviews for any of my books you enjoy. Amazon actually tallies reviews when they choose books to promote, and Goodreads is a wonderful site for readers and book lovers. Reviews are much appreciated.

Hubby and I are leaving tomorrow for a trip to the Dakotas. We're taking the grandkids to Standing Rock for a visit with the Eagle family and the annual Victory At Little Bighorn celebration. Our nephew sponsors horse races, and there's a powwow. Please check my facebook page for photos and comments. I'm doing a little Pinterest-ing and Twittering, too.

I hope your summer weather has been better than ours has. MN was one big lake last week instead of 10,000. Fortunately, the Eagle's Nest sits up pretty high.

Be well, my friends, and enjoy your summer reading!