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Save some cash, add to your book stash

May 14, 2014

Dear FOKE (That's Friend Of Kathleen Eagle),
This is an unapologetic bit of prom, so I'll make it very short and sweet. This week Amazon is running a lovely sale on six of my best books. From Bell Bridge Book's e-newsletter today:
"For the rest of this week, these six spectacular eBooks by NY Times Bestselling Author - Kathleen Eagle - are on sale for only $0.99 and $1.99!
Dash on over to Amazon and grab these while you can! "

You can get THIS TIME FOREVER and WHAT THE HEART KNOWS for $.99 each. At $1.99 there's THE SHARING SPOON (3 novellas), REASON TO BELIEVE, THE LAST GOOD MAN, YOU NEVER CAN TELL (sequel to THE LAST GOOD MAN). If you don't have a Kindle ( sigh--I don't) you can download the free Kindle e-reader. There's a link on every page.

I don't know about you, but I look for deals like this. One of my affectionate nicknames for me is Coupon Kathy. Every little bit helps, right? And I can't be without a carefully selected to-be-read-pile.

I hope you'll tell your friends. Which reminds me...Reviews have become enormously important on Amazon lately. If something you read sticks with you in a good way, do take a few minutes to post a review.

I'm @kathleenEagle1 on Twitter. Finally signed up. So much social media, so many learning curves. I'll keep you posted on my books. Thanks for keeping in touch.
Happy reading, an have a sweet summer!
Kathleen Eagle