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On Buried Secrets and Sacred Ground

Feb 17, 2014

Dear readers and friends,
I have news. WHAT THE HEART KNOWS is on sale this week in e-book format for $1.99 as part of Amazon's American Heart Month promotion. http://tinyurl.com/wthkeagle. Check out my blog post about the inspiration for this book at bellbridgebooksblog.com, where we'll also be running a contest this week. You can enter from my Facebook page, too.

My big news is about my latest publication. Ever since I started recovering the rights to many of the books I wrote before the advent of e-books, I've been waiting for this day. I saved one of my very best until now because I wanted to build my readership with Bell Bridge Books, the wonderful publisher to whom I've entrusted my backlist books. I consider SUNRISE SONG to be a unique achievement.

When my husband heard that there had been an insane asylum in South Dakota that existed solely for American Indians in the early part of the 20th Century, he was flabbergasted. He grew up on a SD reservation, but he knew nothing about this place. "We've got some research to do," he told me. So off we went to Canton, SD, where we found a cemetery sitting in the middle of a 9-hole golf course with a single granite stone containing 123 names of patients who had died at Hiawatha Asylum For Insane Indians.

Almost nothing had been written about this place. The buildings were gone. With the help of the South Dakota State Historical Society we found some original documents. We also found that the elders who had any knowledge of the place were still hesitant to speak of it. I wanted to write a story. Somehow.

Figuring out how to write my kind of novel--an uplifting, deeply moving love story--and still do justice to the dark history of this place was a challenge. SUNRISE SONG is the result. It has received some of the best reviews I've ever gotten--and I've had some darn good reviews in my career. It's now available in trade paperback and e-book. http://tinyurl.com/sunrisesong

I hope you'll visit www.kathleeneagle.com and take a look at the teaser I've put up. Read the prologue. See if you're intrigued. At the end of the book you'll find an extended author's note with some history. But SUNRISE SONG is a novel, a story brought to life by characters I think you'll love. It's a love story, but it's also a mystery. With some history! All in one entertaining and very touching read.

And reading is such a great way to weather the winter. Thank you for adding my books to your soon-to-be-read pile!

Happy reading~