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Time Out With a Holiday Novella

Dec 4, 2013

Well, my friend, from the looks of this morning's weather report, most of us are getting a real dose of winter this week. My little plot of woods is filling up with snow at the moment, and since it's our first white blanket of the season, and since it's not getting wind-tossed, it's beautiful. Oh, and my cowboy would add, "Since you don't have to clear the driveway..." So true. But I made the hot chocolate.

And I put three of my most romantic novellas into a single volume for your holiday reading and gift-giving pleasure. Actually, my publisher did, and they gave it such a beautiful cover that it's been nominated for best holiday cover by "The Cover Cafe." You can vote for your favorite at http://tinyurl.com/holcov13. I'm thrilled with the draft horses dashing through the snow, particularly since there's a bobsled (the old-fashioned horse-drawn kind) in two of the three stories. The book takes its title, THE SHARING SPOON, from the first story, which is a contemporary Thanksgiving tale set in Minneapolis. "The Wolf and the Lamb" is a western historical, and "The Twelfth Moon" is reminiscent of my early days as a teacher on Standing Rock in the Dakotas.

While all three stories have been in print before, they've never been together in one book. It's a lovely package. The cover art started out as a photograph. My publisher purchased the rights to use it, and our amazing editor-in-chief turned the image into a watercolor. Take a look at www.kathleeneagle.com. And be sure to check out the brief blurb for each story.

Right now we're working on a new publication of what may be my very best work, SUNRISE SONG. It'll be out very soon. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I hope you can find some time during this busy season to curl up in a cozy chair with a cup of your favorite hot drink and a wonderful book.

Happy reading!