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First Ever Audio Books

Aug 26, 2012

Hello, dear reader--

"My grandmother listens to books," says the Audio.com commercial. Well, this grandma can finally say that she writes books that are available to listen to! And here's the best news. Beginning Saturday, August 25, and running through Sunday, September 2, Audible.com is running a big special promotion for “a la carte” shoppers offering selected titles for $5.95. (Audible Listener members get their usual, additional 30% discount off the a la carte price.)

Two of my books have been selected for the promotion: THIS TME FOREVER http://tinyurl.com/c35h8j9 and
YOU NEVER CAN TELL http://tinyurl.com/d9g7n32 .

My other news is that my latest book in the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary series, THE PRODIGAL COWBOY, just came out in paperback and will be released in digital format very soon. It's available online and wherever Harlequin Special Edition is sold. Please drop by www.kathleeneagle.com and check out the excerpt.

Don't forget to visit me on Facebook and check out the blog I share with a few of my chatty writer friends at www.ridingwiththetopdown.wordpress.com.

I hope you've found some time to enjoy some good reading this summer. I'll drop you another line when I have news about my next release.

Take care, and wherever you go, take a book along!