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Indulge Yourself --Take Time To Read

Dec 12, 2009

Happy holidays, dear reader!

I know--long time, no see. My literary output has changed in quantity lately, but not in quality. I'm writing for Silhouette Special Edition--my original publishing home--and giving the shorter books my writer's all with a series of connected books set in the Dakotas and points west. I hope you'll check them out.

IN CARE OF SAM BEAUDRY started it all last May. I wasn't planning a series at the time, but intriguing characters popped up. Now Sam's brother, Zach, has his own book, ONE COWBOY, ONE CHRISTMAS (12/09 release)to be followed up in February with COOL HAND HANK. I'm hard at work on the 4th book in the series right now. What are the books about? Romance in the contemporary American West is my specialty. Please stop in at www.kathleeneagle.com and take a look at the descriptions and excerpts. They're all available--or will be--through your favorite internet or brick-and-mortar book source, on paper or download. I hope my books continue to bring stories you love into your busy life.

Enjoy your holidays. If you can spare a few minutes, stop in and blog with Kathleen and friends (link on Kathleen's web page) at "Riding With the Top Down".

Happy Reading!