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You too can receive > MYSTIC HORSEMAN on sale now!
MYSTIC HORSEMAN on sale now!

Mar 2, 2008

Dear Readers and Wonderful FOKE,

FOKE would be Friends Of Kathleen Eagle. Don't you love

Thanks so much for your continuing support and your
willingness to make room in your inbox for my occasional
announcements. The good news: MYSTIC HORSEMAN should be
available for you right now in AFFORDABLE paperback at your
favorite bookstore. (If it isn't, please shake somebody
up. Tell them you want the latest Kathleen Eagle, and they
should have had it for you YESTERDAY.) I know it's
available on Amazon.

There's all kinds of news and info about the book awaiting
your perusal at www.kathleeneagle.com, so I won't take up
time and space here. Visit us at your leisure. Just one
reminder: MYSTIC HORSEMAN is the sequel to RIDE A PAINTED
PONY, which came out in paperback last September. Library
Journal (the major professional journal for librarians)
named RIDE A PAINTED PONY one of the 5 best romances of
2006. LJ's February '08 review describes MYSTIC HORSEMAN
as "Poignant, heart-wrenching, heroic, and overflowing with
hope.." You'll find the complete review and more at

I hope you'll look for my new book before it disappears
from the shelves. (Yes, it's THAT good, if I do say so.)
It's guaranteed to help you survive the last of this
endless winter and prepare you to greet spring with a big,
beautiful smile.

Happy Reading!
Kathleen Eagle