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I've never done this before, so be kind.

Feb 8, 2004

Dear friends,

This is an experiment. I found what is basically a
web-site-design-for-dummies, and since the wonderful web
lady who's been doing my site is retiring, I'm trying this
out. It won't be fancy, but I should be able to update it
easily, whenever I have any news. Right now we're snowed
in. That's my news. But being snowed into the office is
good for a writer--especially one who's beginning to
identify with that sign I used to see in North Dakota farm
kitchens: "The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get." Ain't
it the truth?

One thing that slows me down lately is being a grandma.
Within the last couple of years each of our sons has
produced a grandchild--first a little girl (almost 2 years
old) and a 6-month old boy. And since I'm always home, I'm
an easy mark for babysitting. Who can say no to such sweet
little dumplings? That means trying to write with a baby
in my lap. Hmmm. Methinks I've been here, done this a
time or two before. But it's been a while.

I'm looking forward to speaking at the first-ever
Timberwolves Literary Expo next month at the Target Center
in Minneapolis. I've always been a basketball fan,
particularly when I was a high school teacher, but now that
we live in Minnesota, I'm a Timberwolves fanatic. I
started following the games closely when I was writing WHAT
THE HEART KNOWS, which features a hero who's a retired pro
basketball player. Since then I attend the occasional game
when I can get someone to go with me, but I rarely miss
watching them on TV. The Literary Expo is part of the
NBA's support of reading and literacy causes. Isn't it
interesting that Romance Writers of America is also a major
supporter of Literacy? I'm going to enjoy the March 14 all
day event and hope to meet lots of book-basketball fans
like me.

Now, back to work on A VIEW OF THE RIVER--the book in
progress. More about that later. Stay tuned, and stay

Happy reading!
Kathleen Eagle