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You too can receive > "Ride a Painted Pony" trots out it paperback
"Ride a Painted Pony" trots out it paperback

Sep 18, 2007

A newsletter from The Eagle's Nest must mean Kathleen Eagle
has a book coming out. New? Not exactly. More
affordable? You betcha.

RIDE A PAINTED PONY is due out in the stores on September
25--first time in paperback. And on February 27 look for
Dillon's story in MYSTIC HORSEMAN, which will be published
as a paperback original.

We've updated The Nest with a Fall news page, so do stop
by. We have direct links to RIDE A PAINTED PONY in
paperback at some of the online sites. And we'd love to
hear from you on our blog, where nine of us are posting
every day. Visit the Nest and take the blog link for a
quick peek.

I really, really appreciate your interest in my web site
and my books. And I know I've been REALLY bad about
keeping up with the e-mail. I'll try to get caught up
asap. When I'm working on a book I sometimes have to "go
underground." I virtually live in my imagination for weeks
and months on end. But please know that your support is
very important to me. I write for my readership, and I'm
thrilled when I hear that you're enjoying my stories.

I'll be putting up new tidbits about MYSTIC HORSEMAN at
www.kathleeneagle.com and keeping in touch in anticipation
of the February 27th release. Thanks for visiting The Nest!