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Kathleen Makes Squawk Radio Appearance

Dec 12, 2006

Dear friends and readers,

Happy holidays from the Eagle's Nest!

I know you're busy busy busy, so I'll make this brief. My
latest book, RIDE A PAINTED PONY, has only been out for 2
weeks and it's already brought me a nice warm fuzzy.
LIBRARY JOURNAL just announced its annual list of Top
Books, and RIDE A PAINTED PONY was named one of the "Top 5
Romances of the Year" for 2006!

More big news: On Tuesday, December 12, I'll be the
featured guest at the famous "Squawk Radio" blog at
www.squawkradio.com. If you can find a few minutes, I hope
you'll pop in. We'll be discussing RAPP, of course, but
also my love of "wounded" heroes, good movies, good books,
and anything else anyone wants to bring up.

I've updated my web site at www.kathleeneagle.com with a
new excerpt, readers' guide, news, photos, and December
contest. Stop by whenever you have a spare moment during
this busy season. I'm working frantically on the sequel to
RAPP, so I appreciate all your support, good wishes and
kind thoughts.

And I wish you peace, love, joy, and great reading!