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New Features At The Eagle's Nest

Sep 6, 2006

My dear friends and readers, I'm working up a powerful
sweat building up The Nest in preparation for...winter?
It's on its way for some of us, due to arrive about the
same time (November 28) RIDE A PAINTED PONY becomes
available to everyone. I'm working on the sequel right
now, but I'm dying for Mira Books to open the gates and set
my PONY free!

Here's what's happening at The Nest right now, this very
--a galloping 60 second Flash video "book trailer" offers a
fun little taste of the story setup.
--the first in a series of monthly contests puts you in the
running for a gift certificate that you might want to use
--preorder RIDE A PAINTED PONY using one of the three
booksellers we've linked to so far (Check out the
--new pdf downloads for my complete book list, bio,
Reader's Group guide and the publisher's Press Release for

And there's lots more. Starting September 6 go to
www.ridingwiththetopdown.blogspot.com (or take the Blog
link from The Nest) and check out the interview I did with
Anne Frasier, author of PALE IMMORTAL, the book I'm
featuring this month on my new "Suggested Reads" page.
There's also the usual page of news for September.

The big deal is that I'm running away this month. Not for
good, of course, but I need to take a week for myself and
JUST WRITE. I'm going to hole up in Indian Country where
RIDE A PAINTED PONY and its sequel are set--just me, my
laptop, and paper and pen for good measure. This will be
the first time I've done this kind of thing for the sake of
the writing, but it's something that several of my writer
buddies recommend. I'll let you know how it goes. Peruse
the photos scattered throughout The Nest and think of me.
That's where I'll be, writing my brains out.

See you back at The Nest!
All my best,