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Is Summer Really Almost Over?

Aug 16, 2006

Dear Eagle's Nest Visitors,

While I've been working on the last editing stages for RIDE
A PAINTED PONY (Nov 28 release from Mira) and getting
approval on the sequel (scheduled for early Nov 2007)
tentatively titled MYSTIC HORSEMAN (they'll change it, mark
my words) the summer has been quietly slipping by.

I've updated www.kathleeneagle.com with some pictures of my
Medicine Wheel garden, its native plants now in full bloom.
In the back yard I've watched a pair of fawns practically
grow up before my eyes. They visit every day--we're
surrounded by woods on three sides. And I'm preparing my
Fall Onslaught, hoping to get the word out online that RIDE
A PAINTED PONY features one of the best stories I've
written so far and one of my most endearing heroes. Nick
Red Shield really just wants to be left alone. He's badly
scarred inside and out, and he shuns contact with people in
favor of raising his beautiful horses. But Lauren Davis is
in deep trouble, and Nick is the kind of man who just can't
walk away.

I'm experimenting with some different ways to make excerpts
available on my website, so I hope you'll stay tuned. If
my computer guru--aka firstborn son--is able to make my
dream a reality, you should be able to listen to me read
while we roll out images of the setting for this very
special story. Meanwhile, I've dressed up the header at
www.kathleeneagle.com with one of my own photos of South

It's early, but you can now preorder RIDE A PAINTED PONY
from two of the three most popular online bookstores. I've
put the links on my website and will add other vendors as
they become available. And we'll soon have a neat little
flash video to further whet your appetite.

So stop in at www.kathleeneagle.com and see what's up. I'm
going to get back to posting on the message board
forthwith. That blogging has proven to be more
time-consuming than I thought. But it's fun!

Thanks so much for your continuing support.
All my best,