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Birth of a Manuscript

Apr 8, 2006

Spring greetings!

It seems as though I've been living in a place called Deep
Write for an eternity, but it's really only been about 3
months. As of March 31, RIDE A PAINTED PONY is officially
in the hands of my editor. I've been working on the book
for almost a year, but Deep Write is the place where a WIP
(work in progress) finally comes together. It's where the
writer lives for as long as it takes to finally sort
everything out and get the book finished. While you're in
Deep Write, you can't think about much else besides the
book. It really feels like you've been gone for a while,
or maybe asleep or in a coma. I really sympathized with
Tony Soprano in the first few episodes of this season's

RIDE A PAINTED PONY also has a face now. The cover is on
the News page at my website, www.kathleeneagle.com, along
with some tidbits about the book and other stuff. I've
moved some things around on the site, put up some more doll
photos. I've added an entry to the message board sparked
by an e-mail from a reader who took exception to some of
the references to the Cherokee in my books. I appreciate
Michelle's note (she's a loyal fan) and would love to see
some discussion of this on the message board. Of course,
any discussion (almost) is certainly welcome. I'll be more
visible on the message board now that the book is in.

RIDE A PAINTED PONY is scheduled for hardcover release in
December. Long way off, I know. I'll try to tempt you
with tidbits in the coming months, and I know I've been
promising a contest. Will do that, too. For right now,
time for the book-is-in office clean up, a few movies, and
coming up with a good proposal for the next book.

One note about e-mail--I'm having trouble with my e-mail
account. I can receive but not send, and I haven't had
time to get on the phone with a tech to get it straightened
out. If you've e-mailed and haven't received a reply,
that's why. That and "Deep Write."

Thank you for inviting me into your e-mail box. Happy

~Kathleen Eagle
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